Be careful where you're buying your food!!!

i bought some fruit from a store which said made in my state but the barcode told me it was grown in mexico by a fucking shit canal. these maysunic, dick in the booty ass companies, are able to legally lie to you if they added something to the food. example: those bright red apples are spray painted which gives them the right to say made in your state.

more fuckery: if the barcode says grown in your state then it didn't grow there. grown means it's already fully mature in your state but grow somewhere else. grown or grew is the fuckery words you need to watch out for. whatever state you travel to 18 and older is considered grown. grown in that state. see how words can affect you when buying food.

play on words or words of trickery is how these food businesses stay in business and all of them have business licenses which means the governor of that state along with the attorney general owns every last one of them. i know you dumb fucks are going to ask me to prove it. it's easy!!! did you go to your local tax collectors office for a business license and zoning permit. guess what? they're owned by the governor, and his or her bitch, the attorney general.

let's talk about moonsanto. how were they able to sue the farmers and win. answer: they didn't.

your farmers cut deals with the devil and if their food cause harm to you then blame it on moonsanto whom has an unlimited budget to deal with dumb fucks like you.

they gave all of us that bullshit story about how moonsanto plants were fucking their soil and growing on it then suing them for ownership. 99% of your farmers are dick in the booty as maysuns and period blood drinking, shit eating, easturn stars. don't believe me. just look at some of their logos.

stop thinking your local farmers are better because they're not. look at their god damn logos before you deem them honest. look for weird looking symbols identifiable by conspiracy whistle blowers out there.

how are people getting sick? gmo foods you eat nest itself in your body then reacts to gmo's in your yard or someone else plants near you which causes an adverse reaction. did you know if your doctor or any clinic draw blood from you they can tamper with your blood and as long as you're in a 50 mile radius your body will react to it. research is a bitch.

chemtrails in our skies are transmitting messages from your gmo infested bodies back to every government base near haarp technology. they always know your locations at all times because all of our food is infected and we're not trying to fight back. this is why they need to draw blood just in case you wasn't born at any of those stock exchange hospitals giving you birth certificates that's listed on the stock market. Oooh you think im crazy but im sure you'll do some research if you're not too lazy.

below are some barcodes to match to some of your foods but don't trust the barcode because you don't have first hand knowledge of where that food really came from. It's a tool to help you see the deception.

if your food says made in your state then barcode says grown or grew in another part of the world then you have caught them in a lie. if your food says made, grown or grew in your state then says the same thing on your barcode then it's still a lie because we can't verify where their plants grow. the only way to verify is to watch them grow the plant and pluck it yourself. truth is always truth!!!

here's an example of barcodes. click here