Boycott Bungie and Activision 10/26/2015



This by far is one of the best reviews to describe what Bungie and Activision have done to their customers. As much as we would love to call them every name out the book we'd rather you enjoy this video because as we speak, video games is going in a bad direction and only grown ass men and women with the mind of a marsupial will allow this shit to keep happening. To all of you bungie destiny vanilla fan boys go eat a jihad dick with spikes on it and choke to death. That's how we feel about you lame limp dicks with no fucking brains.

Now bungie activision destiny have this silver coin shit which means in the future you can spend money to buy weapons and other shit because they're already doing it with that whack ass emote garbage and anyone that bought those fucking emotes proved luke smith correct about you losers.

Destiny is dying so that's why those faggots need this in game purchase coin shit with real money. Great games don't need this pay wall fuckery in order to sell. Bungievision is milking dumb retarded fucks like all of these dick in the booty fan boys whom keep supporting this type of shit that continues to destroy video games as we speak.

Destiny is a game for dummies with low I.Q. and damn near all of their dick in the booty fanboys don't have critical thinking skills at all.

Ooooh you gwoock gwoock mutha fuckas want to respond.