I bought battlefront 1, battlefield 4, and battlefield 1. i've seen their terrible nerfs to those games which led me to playing even less.

let's talk about game play.

On all of those games, noticed while playing, the enemy keeps disappearing on screen to blend in with environment. i've had people kill me point blank range while looking at them only to find out they were invisible then appeared after killing me.

after doing some research to see if this is or was happening to others i've noticed a lot of complaints about same issues only to find out this type of shit was intentional to help noobs score kills on players so they can feel special and keep playing this trash ass game.

I don't know about you, but im sick and tired of getting shot in the fucking back due to enemy spawning behind me so the game can help others to get kills while keeping them playing this trash ass game.

Take a look a battlefront 1.

Everyone and their mammy is giving advice about which weapons is the best but i found out the DT-29 with sharp shooter, jetpack, personal shield, bacta bomb with upgrade, is the only way to play this cockblock piece of shit game.

Mutha fuck the DL-44. 

All i keep hearing is; it's better than the dt-29 and it can 2 shot plus it can take on more people. Shut the fuck up!!!

you only get 3 more laser shots with that shit and due to these bot bitches being bacta bomb the fuck up, good luck on getting off those

three extra shots. A hungry hobo dancing in the streets catching air salt with his mouth have a better chance of survival than this

dl-44 shit.

Truth be told yes they both 2 shot with sharp shooter, but the dt-29 shoots so fucking fast and accurate with help from aim assist and no fucking kickbacks unlike that dl-44 which is shaky as fuck.

I've taken out 3 people using the dt-29 with sharpshooter using six bullets because it fires so damn fast.

hell... the dt-29 is so accurate at any distance i've had long distant snipers running due to shear power.

all the other weapons in that game is on some 4 play shit. too much staring at each other while shooting the shit until someone falls asleep. 

the dt-29 is on some quick nut, one night stand shit putting those goofy bye byes to sleep then off to the next jedi trick rinse and repeat until you get got by some invisible booty spawn fagot with help from e.a. trying to encourage its noobs to drop your ass like it's hot.

This is all i'm seeing in e.a. games and im fucking tired. 

FUCK Electronic Assholes!!!   If you're looking for good games just avoid anything with E.A. logos on it. If you don't believe me then surf the net and research this dirty dick company and run far away until your legs don't work anymore.